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Slipping & Tripping Claims

Property owners, landlords and councils have a responsibility to keep their premises safe by ensuring paving is not loose, no pot hole are present, spills are cleaned up and adequate lighting is in place as well as using reasonable care to keep their property safe.

Almost everyone at some time has slipped or tripped injuring themselves. If however if a slip/trip accident is the fault of a third parties negligence then a claim for compensation can be made.

It is the duty of property owners to make sure that their building is free from obstructions or spillages that could lead to you having a slip, trip or fall accident. Accordingly floors in a workplace must be suitable for the type of work activity that will be taking place on it. Where a floor cannot be kept dry people should be able to walk on it without the fear of a slipping over.

The flooring in a public building should also be cleaned correctly to ensure that it does not become slippery and that it keeps its slip resistance properties, be fitted correctly and any potential hazards removed whatever its age all flooring should be maintained so that it is keep in a good condition.

Maintenance of flooring includes making sure that any trip hazards, such as holes, uneven surfaces and curled up carpet edges are taken care of, uneven flooring that cannot be avoided should be clearly highlighted and signposted.

Another common cause of slip, trips and falls are uneven pavements under the control of local authorities. If a pavement slab rocks, has sunken or sticking up, causing the possibility of tripping then the local council must make sure that the paving or other highway surfaces are fixed in a timely manner before to avoid accidents from happening.

Stair cases, both internal and external ones should have high visibility and non-slip square nosing on the step edges have suitable handrail and the steps should be correctly proportioned in accordance with building regulations.

If you have suffered injury from any of the above types of accidents then you could be entitled to make a claim for compensation.

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